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When sitting hurts

Most people spend a major part of their lives sitting. When having back complaints, sitting for longer periods becomes even more painful. We all have experienced it during the long car drives, for example.

What is the cause

In most cases insufficient back or neck support is the cause of increased discomfort. The BACKSAVER® (usa design patented) offers the solution: anatomically shaped, precisely positionable, and made out of flexible polyether material which provides shock resistance and comfortable support.

Origin of the BackSaver® 

In 1988 Physical Therapist Ernst Haaksma developed this very effective support device for the RUAC (Medical Back Center The Hague). They are the most effective support pillow on the market and have sold over 50,000.


          BQE BackSaver®   

For ideal lumbar support during prolonged seated periods (car rides, sitting at your desk, watching TV, traveling by air).  

Most heard first reaction of customers who bought this: "It hits the spot!"

Directions of use:

-  place the BACKSAVER®’s counter weight over the back of the seat.

-  seat yourself comfortably.

-  position the BACKSAVER® at the preferred height of your lower back.

-  set your car seat at an inclination of ±120º.

-  make sure your knees are lower than your hips.

-  keep a comfortable distance to the steering wheel.

-  if necessary, ask your Doctor or Therapist for further instructions.

Retail price $35.-


            Discounts on volume:

1-3 boxes of each 12 items per box: 25%
4-7 boxes of each 12  items per box: 30%
8-19 boxes of each 12 items per box: 35%


                Simple and portable. Keeps you comfortable in the air, on the road, in the office, or at home. 

                The original BACKSAVER® comes with a three year warranty. 



 “As an ergonomics specialist, here's my two cents on a product I absolutely love. BQE has different designs with different price points, however, the beauty of the chair, unlike ANY in the industry, is that there is a "dynamic" backrest that moves with your spine.  That means when the clinician is actively working, they are in a slightly forward pitched (tipped) position, and when the clinician is in a passive state, the back rest fully supports the lumbar region--the most vulnerable part of the spine.  It's truly revolutionary and exceeds the criteria of my critical body of knowledge regarding posture.”

Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed.
Author, Speaker, Educator

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