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At this very moment, without moving an inch-how does your back feel? Tired, sore in a spot or is there pain around a larger area? Maybe your back feels strong, lengthened or you are sitting upright without any discomfort. If you are in the latter, you are among the minority. Back pain is ubiquitous and exceptionally common, especially among professionals who sit a large part of their day. 

The 33 bones that make up the spine are truly an engineering marvel as its design allows for jumping, running, twisting, and turning. Yet, the spinal column is the most precarious of all bones in the body. One wrong little turn and sharp pain can have us seeing stars. Chronic back pain appears commonplace; just ask any number of coworkers if their back is sore and the answer is most likely a resounding “yes!”


Back pain is the third leading cause of doctor visits by adults in the United States. (Dept. of Health and Human Services). And if you are younger than 45, back pain is the number one reason for missing work. (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons). Pain can come from a weekend physical activity that you are not used to (think seasonal skiing or Spring golfing for the first time) or from a disc that has ruptured due to spinal compression over time. The bottom line is that about 70-85 percent of men and women will experience back pain in their lives. 


The most important key in relieving back pain: movement! Exercise is your ally when it comes to spinal health. Mind Your Body is dedicated to the seated professional. It contains joint stretches, Pilates Mat exercises and stretches you can do right at your desk. The book will quickly get you on your way to feeling fantastic or more importantly, keep you in that 15-30 percent of the population that rarely experiences challenging back pain…Mind Your Body: Pilates for the Seated Professional will help you Sit Tall; Stand Strong; and Work Without Pain.

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The Book: Pilates for the Seated Professionals

Mind Your Body.

Pilates for the Seated Professional is unique in that it has three different sections that allow you to incorporate effective exercises that can be done independently or interdependently. Both the color and layout design make it easy to navigate, follow and understand within each of the sections. You can do all the exercises in one day or take one section per day, depending on the time and effort preferred.

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About Juli Kagan
As a Certified Pilates Instructor, Juli Kagan is not only passionate about Pilates, but also about teaching and life-long learning, and: BQE CHAIRS! Juli believes that knowing better helps in doing better. Her unique perspective of understanding ergonomics and posture, coalescing both as a dental hygienist and Pilates instructor, makes her outstanding in each field. Students say they get results within only a few sessions allowing them to sit taller, stand stronger and work without pain.

Juli graduated from the University of Maryland in 1983 with a Bachelors degree in dental hygiene and a minor in kinesiology (study of body movement). She has taught periodontology, preventive dentistry and clinical instrumentation & ergonomics since 1993. In 2000 she earned her Masters degree in Educational Psychology. As a Certified Pilates Instructor, her focus is on posture and subsequent carriage throughout the day. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband, David, and son, Zack.

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“As an ergonomics specialist, here's my two cents on a product I absolutely love. BQE has different designs with different price points, however, the beauty of the chair, unlike ANY in the industry, is that there is a "dynamic" backrest that moves with your spine.  That means when the clinician is actively working, they are in a slightly forward pitched (tipped) position, and when the clinician is in a passive state, the back rest fully supports the lumbar region--the most vulnerable part of the spine.  It's truly revolutionary and exceeds the criteria of my critical body of knowledge regarding posture.”

Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed.
Author, Speaker, Educator

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“Over the past several months I have become familiar with the products and services of Back Quality Ergonomics.  I also purchased one of their stools for use in a clinical setting.  What caught my attention initially was the quality craftsmanship.  In conversations with the principals in the company and the sales team I was delighted by their ability to succinctly describe the ergonomic benefits of their products and the many features that fit multiple positions and body heights.”  

Dr. J. Michael Flynn DC
1st Vice President WFC
Past Chairman of the Board ACA

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