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Next Generation of Saddle Stools 

The ErgoSolex® (usa design patented) is our saddle style stool designed to be used in both sitting and standing positions. The saddle shaped seat allows for almost full leg extension. The small lumbar support allows for optimal freedom of movement, while activating stretching of the spine. With our patented design the ErgoSolex feels more like a traditional stool but with the ergonomic benefits of a saddle stool


A good ergonomic stool needs to have a lumbar support to prevent slouching. It is proven that we loose at least 30% of the curvature of the spine after 5-10 minutes of sitting. Without a support more pressure will occur within the discs increasing the chance of spinal injury and (lower) back problems. 


The ErgoSolex® is designed to prevent and reduce lower back and neck complaints. The small size of the lumbar support allows for maximum freedom of movement. It fits snuggly into the lumbar curvature where support is most needed to maintain natural upright posture in working positions. The triangular shaped seat provides an anatomical platform for the pelvis, supporting a natural and relaxed curvature of the spine and reducing fatigue while prolonged seating.


The ErgoSolex® has proven its contribution to preventing and improving back complaints in many cases (see our testimonial page). Available with various armrests and foot ring (see accessories page).


• Manually adjustable tilting mechanism
Manually adjustable seat heigth and seat depth
Back support can be adjusted independently from the seat


• Fabric or leather multi color upholstery     
• Foot control or foot ring
• Adjustable armrest (1D, 2D or 4D models)


product code ESB
- high density injected molded foam (firm)
- manual tilt function
- custom color upholstery








The wait time is depending on the color of your chair.

For standard black the wait time is 3-4 weeks for delivery, for a custom color it varies from 4-6 weeks for delivery.


“I received the new chair today & it's made a huge difference. Thank you very much, I love this chair.”

Charlene Rodda

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