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The ultimate ergonomic OFFICE CHAIR 

When designing the ComfortMove® (usa design patented) we focused on creating a combination of comfort, optimal support and freedom of movement. The ComfortMove® is an ergonomic computer/desk/operator chair with an automatic tilting mechanism. Due to its unique pivoting connections both the seat and backrest move in sync with the movements of the user, thus providing optimal comfort and back support during all working positions.

Perfect balance

The automatic suspension system of both backrest and seat offer an anatomic fit and encourage active sitting while guaranteeing stability and optimal weight distribution. The seat front has two wings sloping down to prevent pressure on the circulatory system, enabling free circulation flow. The wide but not too large back rest fits snugly in the hollow contours of the lower spine, which makes this chair most suitable for users that need support during prolonged sitting, such as is the case with all desk and computer work. The backrest is adjustable in height and depth; the armrests can swivel in and out, and are adjustable in height and width. 

Easy is good

The ComfortMove® is easy to operate with only two manually adjustable handles. It is an extremely versatile chair, suitable in a variety of workplaces, by multiple users. Available with various armrests and foot ring (see accessories).




• Seat automatically tilts with movement
• Back support automatically adjusts with movement
• Available in basic/office/laboratory/dental/medical models


• Fabric or leather multi color upholstery     
• Foot control or foot ring
• Adjustable armrest (CM, 1D, 2D or 3D models)

ComfortMove® Office  
product code CMO

For the professional office environment

The CM Office is upholstered in premium color fabric, has a chrome wheelbase, cmm casters, and a set of armrests.

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ComfortMove® Operator      
product code CMV

For workplaces that require durable equipment

The CM Operator is upholstered in premium color vinyl, has a chrome wheelbase, cmm casters, chrome foot ring, and a set of armrests.  

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The wait time is depending on the color of your chair.

For standard black the wait time is 3-4 weeks for delivery, for a custom color it varies from 4-6 weeks for delivery.


“I work in this chair because I look at screens all day. Takes the pressure off my back. That's why I love this chair. If I could golf in this chair too and take the pressure off my back between golf swings: I would!! it's a GREAT chair”

Wayne Hric
Computer Repair Specialist
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