USA design patented


The BackUp® (USA design patented) is a work stool with a unique hydraulic system. The hydraulic system allows the user to determine the amount of leg support desired without cutting off circulation to the back of the legs. This allows the user to sit in higher working positions, reduce pressure on the discs, and prevents the pelvis from rotating backwards. The convex lumbar support allows for optimal freedom of movement, while activating stretching of the spine. The BackUp® is the perfect solution for people who do not like saddle style stools.             


The BackUp® is designed to prevent and reduce lower back, neck, and shoulder complaints. The lumbar support allows for maximum freedom of movement. It fits snuggly into the lumbar curvature where support is most needed to maintain natural upright posture in working positions. The waterfall shaped seat provides an anatomical platform for the pelvis, supporting a natural and relaxed curvature of the spine and reducing fatigue with prolonged seating.


The BackUp® has proven its contribution to preventing and improving back complaints in many cases. Available with various accessories (see accessories page).




  • Tilting mechanism
  • Adjustable seat height, seat depth, and leg support
  • Back support can be adjusted independently from the seat

• Only available in Valencia material     
• Foot control or foot ring
• Adjustable armrest (1D, 2D or 4D models)









“Over the past several months I have become familiar with the products and services of Back Quality Ergonomics.  I also purchased one of their stools for use in a clinical setting.  What caught my attention initially was the quality craftsmanship.  In conversations with the principals in the company and the sales team I was delighted by their ability to succinctly describe the ergonomic benefits of their products and the many features that fit multiple positions and body heights.”  

Dr. J. Michael Flynn DC
1st Vice President WFC
Past Chairman of the Board ACA

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