Custom Colors


Spirit Milleneum        
Naugahyde Vinyl


Silvertex Hygiene  


     Boltaflex Vista




Please note that the colors displayed on a digital screen can differ from the actual colors.


 Which material to choose?

For the ErgoDynamic®:                            only Spirit Millenium Naugahyde or Silvertex

For the ComfortMove® Office & Basic:       only HerringBone or Belle

For the ComfortMove® Medical:                only Ultra Leather

For the ComfortMove® Operator:              Spirit Millenium Naugahyde, Silvertex or Ultra Leather

For the ErgoSolex® or CorrectSit®:          Spirit Millenium Naugahyde, Silvertex or Ultra Leather


Custom color Spirit Millennium Naugahyde Vinyl       included

Custom color Bella or Herrington Fabric                   included           

Custom color Silvertex Fabric                                  $  50.-          

Custom color Ultra Leather                                     $  50.-

Own material                                                         $  50.-            

Multi color                                                              $  50.-              

Memory foam                                                         $   95.-             

Custom Print                                                          $   75.- 


  *Lead time for color upholstery 4 to 5 weeks, for basic black upholstery 3 to 4 weeks.



 “As an ergonomics specialist, here's my two cents on a product I absolutely love. BQE has different designs with different price points, however, the beauty of the chair, unlike ANY in the industry, is that there is a "dynamic" backrest that moves with your spine.  That means when the clinician is actively working, they are in a slightly forward pitched (tipped) position, and when the clinician is in a passive state, the back rest fully supports the lumbar region--the most vulnerable part of the spine.  It's truly revolutionary and exceeds the criteria of my critical body of knowledge regarding posture.”

Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed.
Author, Speaker, Educator

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