BQE stools and chairs are modern in functionality, minimalistic in design, and supreme in overall quality. Specifically designed to relieve and prevent back pains, and to revitalize. BQE distinguishes itself from other companies by combining the specialized knowledge of the human body with the specific products and custom-made advice


Take a seat

For you the first step to discover what a new way of sitting could do for you. Which chair fits your needs for your work. Are BQE’s chairs really that different than the chairs you know? At several trade shows and seminars we invite you to find the answer to these questions. A professional team of advisors will be there for you to explain the chairs and give you a personal advise. 

You will be able to see us at the following locations:


January           21 – 23     2016             Rocky Mountain Denver                      

January           21 - 23      2016             Greater Houston Dental Meeting

January           28 – 30     2016              Yankee Meeting Boston                      

February         25 – 27     2016              Midwinter Meeting Chicago                 

March             17 – 18      2016              Pacific Dental Conf. Vancouver           

March             17 – 19      2016              Hinman Atlanta                                        

April                7 – 9          2016              Oregon Dental Portland

April                8 – 9          2016              UMKC

April                8 - 9           2016              Arizona Dental Association

April                14 - 16       2016              Oklahoma Dental Association 

April                15 - 16       2016              Arkansas State Dental Association   

April                21 - 22       2016              Utah Dental Association, Salt Lake City    

April                28 - 30       2016              Star Of The North

May                5 - 7            2016              Texas Dental Association

May                5 - 7            2016              Ontario Dental Association    

May                12 – 14       2016              CDA Anaheim   


High level customer care
What our clients say...

"My over 30 years of dentistry have left me with severe right back pain which threatens to end my career. The ergonomic stools I purchased over two years ago haven't been helping.  I purchased one of your chairs at the recent CDA meeting and I want you to know that I can't do without it.  Thanks"

Dr. Charles Cox, DDS

About our products and company
Who we are...

BQE, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, has been a leading manufacturer and developer of Ergonomic Stools and Chairs and affiliated products for the last 25 years. We export to over 40 countries worldwide and entered the US market in 2008 with our US subsidiary company BQ Ergonomics LLC. Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life by providing a unique and long-lasting solution for back and neck problems.



 “As an ergonomics specialist, here's my two cents on a product I absolutely love. BQE has different designs with different price points, however, the beauty of the chair, unlike ANY in the industry, is that there is a "dynamic" backrest that moves with your spine.  That means when the clinician is actively working, they are in a slightly forward pitched (tipped) position, and when the clinician is in a passive state, the back rest fully supports the lumbar region--the most vulnerable part of the spine.  It's truly revolutionary and exceeds the criteria of my critical body of knowledge regarding posture.”

Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed.
Author, Speaker, Educator

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